All residents of Japan with an income above a certain threshold must pay tax. National tax and regional tax will be levied on your income. 

Ajisai Call: 095-822-8888 

You will be taxed on a year's income amassed over the period from January 1st to December 31st. 

Income Tax (National Tax) 

Please be aware that, depending on your status of residence, you may also be required to pay income tax on income made outside of Japan. 

Municipal/ Prefectural Tax (Regional Tax) 

Individual Municipal and Prefectural Taxes are levied on residents with a Nagasaki City address as of January 1st of that year, and who had an income that exceeds a set minimum amount during the previous year (this is also called "Residence Tax").  

Tax declarations must be submitted every year from February 16st to March 15th

Contact the Tax Collection Division for details. 

Phone: 095-829-1130 

*Individuals who only receive income from their employers, and those who have already submitted a final income tax return to the tax office, do not need to make a tax declaration. 

Other Taxes 

•Light Vehicle Tax(Class-Based Tax): Levied on individuals who as of April 1st possess a motorcycle , light vehicle(kei car), etc. 

•Light Vehicle Tax (Environmental Performance Tax) : Levied on individuals who have purchased a light vehicle (kei car) of three wheels or more. 

•Automobile Tax (Class-Based Tax): Levied on individuals who as of April 1st  possess a regular vehicle 

•Automobile Tax (Environmental Performance Tax) : Levied on individuals who have purchased standard vehicles. 

•Property Tax: Levied on individuals who as of January 1st possess land, property, or depreciable assets within Nagasaki City. 

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