Health Insurance

Health Insurance 

All residents of Japan must enroll in a public health insurance system. Japan has a universal healthcare system where residents support each other's medical fees. 

Employees up to the age of 74 will enroll in health insurance at their workplace. Everyone else must enroll in the National Health Insurance. 

*Other countries' public health insurance cannot be used in Japan. 

Health Insurance Card 

You will receive a health insurance card when you enroll on health insurance. You must present your health insurance card when you have a medical checkup. 

Your personal liability amount will generally be 30% upon presentation of your health insurance card. Failure to present the card may result in a 100% personal liability rate. 

National Health Insurance (NHI) 

Individuals not enrolled in workplace health insurance must enroll in NHL.

Please contact Ajisai Call for details. Tell: 095-822-8888 

National Health Insurance Premiums 

Insurance Premiums must be paid from the month you enroll in NHI (monthly installments).  The amount paid by enrollees is determined by the number of enrollees per household and the amount of income earned the previous year. This cost is reported to the head of the household. Be sure to pay on time. 

Submit a Notification When... 

•You enroll / withdraw from NHI 

•There is a change to your name or address, or if you lose your NHI card or are in a traffic accident etc. 


Aid is provided to insured persons who give birth, or who undertake high cost medical treatment as a hospital in-patient, or when the insured individual dies etc. 

Please inquire for details. 

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