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UNIVERSALAID.JP is a multilingual website to support non-Japanese residents of Nagasaki City who have problems and/or anxieties under COVID-19 outbreak. On this website, we release information on COVID-19 in Japan in several languages, including the suggestions where to consult to heal your troubles and worries.
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Please contact us if you are having any difficulties or problems, we will assist you to resolve issues utilizing resouces provided by private and municipal organizations.
UNIVERSALAID.JP is operated by the NPO Treasures of The Planet with a grant from JANPIA (Japan Network for Public Interest Activities) for public interest activities (emergency support fund for the new coronavirus in 2020) utilizing the dormant deposits.
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Japan Meteorological Agency has announced the Nagasaki Local Meteorological Observatory Homepage to disseminate and raise awareness of disaster prevention information for foreign residents and visitors to Japan.
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Housing Security Benefit

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About the Benefit:

As a measure to support those who are at risk for losing their current housing due to income decreases resulting from business shutdowns, etc., there is benefit where the local government pays rent to landlords, in principle for three months(maximum nine months).
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