Disaster Prevention

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Typhoons are frequent between July and October.

Strong winds and heavy rain can cause large amounts of damage.

Pay close attention to weather information as the typhoon approaches, and refrain from going outside.

Preparing for Strong Winds and Heavy Rain

  • Prepare emergency food and water rations.
  • Secure or bring inside items on the veranda.
  • Reinforce windows with tape and close shutters.
  • Prepare a flashlight and a portable radio for possible blackouts.
  • During the Typhoon

  • Refrain from going outside.
  • Do not approach fallen utility poles or electrical cables.
  • Pay attention to weather information, and swiftly evacuate to the nearest shelter if an evacuation order is issued.
  • Earthquakes

    Earthquakes are a frequent occurrence in Japan. 
    Ensure that you are always prepared for the possibility of a sudden quake.

    Earthquake Preparation

  • Prepare a backpack containing a flashlight, emergency water and food rations.
  • Secure furniture to the walls to prevent injury from falling objects.
  • During an Earthquake

  • Hide under a table and ensure your own safety.
  • Protect your head from falling debris with a cushion.
  • If you are cooking, turn off your stove after the quake has passed.
  • Open doors and windows and secure an escape route.
  • Get accurate earthquake information.
  • TV and radio provide information on the scale and epicenter of the earthquake immediately before and after the quake. Your cell phone may send you an alert in the event that a severe earthquake is predicted. Get accurate information from government sources, and from your embassy.

    Confirming the Safety of Family Members

    Phones may not connect during a disaster. The following services can be used to notify your family of your safety and confirm the safety of other family members.

    Disaster Message Service

    TEL: 171
    (Japanese only)

    Disaster Message Board (Web 171)

    (Available in English, Chinese, and Korean)


    In the event of a disaster (such as an earthquake or heavy rain) or when one is imminent, Nagasaki City Hall and the Alert Level System to announce evacuation information and times to evacuate. In preparation for a disaster, please confirm the actions you should take at each level of the alert system.

    Revision of guidelines for evacuation information (From May20,2021)

    Be sure to evacuate by Alert Level 4 
    Alert Level
    New Evacuation Information
    Emergency Safety Measure indicates a life-threating situation in which you can no longer safely evacuate.
    Please evacuate before Alart Level 5 is issued.
    Evacuation Instruction, all residents should evacuate when or before Alert Level 4 is issued. (Evacuation recommendation will no longer provided)
    Evacuation of the Elderly, Etc., elderly, people with disabilities or who may need more time to evacuate should evacuate when Alert Level 3 is issued.
    Heavy Rain, Flood, or Storm Surge Advisories  (Japan Meteorological Agency) 
    Probability of Warnings  (Japan Meteorological Agency) 

    In an Evacuation

  • Keep your passport and residence card on you at all times.
  • Keep belongings to a minimum.
  • Wear sturdy footwear.
  • Do not travel by car.
  • Disaster Prevention Information

    Nagasaki Disaster Prevention Guide:

    Information on shelters, disaster prevention knowhow, hazard prevention maps are available on the webpage below.
    Transcripts of disaster prevention administrative radio system broadcasts regarding fires and other emergencies can be viewed on the Nagasaki City web site.
    Disaster prevention administrative radio system broadcasts can be viewed by email in English, Chinese, and Korean. Please register via personal computer or mobile phone. To register, please send an empty email to the corresponding registration address.


    Buildings with the following sign are designated shelters. (Schools, community centers, fureai centers etc. are designated as shelters.)

    Familiarize yourself with your local shelter in advance.
    refuge building sign
    3-14-7 Narutaki, Nagasaki, Japan, 850-0011