COVID-19 Prevention

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Precautions to be taken to prevent the spread of infection

In order to help prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, please keep the following points in mind when attending events and dining together.
Stay Home
If you are not feeling well, do not attend events and refrain from dining together.

Refrain from participating in events and from dining in places where conditions such as closed spaces, crowding and close- contact settings are likely, or where basic infection prevention measures are not thoroughly implemented.
In particular, refrain from participating in events or parties where large numbers of people are crowded together and where people are talking loudly.

When participating in events and dining together, ensure that appropriate infection prevention measures are taken, such as keeping an appropriate distance from other people, sanitizing your hands and fingers, wearing masks, and refraining from talking loudly.

Refrain as much as possible from participating in events on the streets or in restaurants that involve consuming alcohol in larger quantities or late at night, while taking into consideration the religious and cultural characteristics of such events.

Consider new ways of enjoying yourself, such as spending time at home with your family or participating in online events, depending on your needs.
Feeling Sick
If you are suspecting that you have been infected with the novel coronavirus and have questions about receiving a medical examination, etc., call the consultation service of the local government in the area where you live.
Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Telephone Consultation Service (for questions about outbreaks and general information)
Telephone Number: 
9am to 5pm
3-14-7 Narutaki, Nagasaki, Japan, 850-0011