Garbage Management

If you do not follow the rules on how to dispose of garbage, you may have trouble with the residents in your neighborhood.

How to separate and put out garbage from home

Separation of household garbage changed a part from July 1, 2016. For more information:
Separate properly and put it out at the garbage station by 8:00 am on the day of collection in the designated garbage bag of Nagasaki City. (List of collection days by town) (garbage station search)
Up to 3 bags of garbage can be sent to the garbage station at a time.
The garbage in Nagasaki is divided into the next 10 minutes. Click to jump to each item.
Garbage station collection 1.Burnable garbage Collected twice a week

2.Newspapers and Flyers
3.Books, magazines, paper packs, miscellaneous goods (paper boxes, paper bags, wrapping paper, etc.)
4.corrugated cardboard

Collect once a week as used paper on the first day of burnable garbage
5.Non-burnable garbage Collect once a week
6.Plastic containers and packaging Collect once a week
7.Recyclable garbage Collect once a week
8.Fluorescent tubes Collected on non-burnable garbage day
9.cylindrical batteries and button batteries Emissions at any time
Door-to-door collection 10.Oversized garbage Apply in advance
Items that cannot be transported by garbage truck become oversized garbage. I can't go to the garbage station.
  • Items that do not fit in the designated garbage bag (approximately 70 cm or more in length) and are less than 2 m and less than 60 kg / bicycles, beds, large furniture, etc.
  • Dangerous items at the time of collection (with automatic ignition equipment) / oil stove, gas stove, tabletop stove, etc.
  • Hardness that is difficult to get caught in a garbage truck / sewing machine, safe, etc.
  • Those that may contain harmful substances / microwave ovens
  • Recyclable household appliances/PCs

How to separate garbage from Nagasaki City 10…Illustrations summarize the separation of garbage.

List of garbage separations <in alphabetical order>…Please take a look when you are in doubt.

※Garbage not collected in the city
  • Industrial waste (20 of the waste generated by business activities specified by law)
    →Please ask a professional processing company.
  • Difficult-to-treat materials (fire extinguishers, pesticides, infectious medical waste (such as injection needles), oils and paints (including oils and paints in products), batteries, small rechargeable batteries, automobiles, motorcycles, tires (automobiles, motorcycles, cylinders, etc.)
    →Ask the shop you purchased or a specialized processing company. Click here for fire extinguisher discharge
  • Large amounts of garbage
    →Please bring your own to the treatment plant or ask a company that has a license for the general waste collection and transportation business directly.
    ※Click here for self-loading
    List of licensed municipal waste collection and transportation companies
  • Four household appliances (washing machine / clothes dryer, TV (LCD / plasma / CRT), refrigerator / freezer, air conditioner)
    →The Home Appliance Recycling Law applies. Click here for emissions
  • PC (including mouse and keyboard attached at the time of purchase)
    →The Law for Promotion of Effective Utilization of Resources or the Small Home Appliance Recycling Law apply. Click here for emissions

About separation of garbage

Burnable garbage

Please put it in the designated garbage bag "burnable garbage" (red).
Items Remarks

Drain well and wrap it in newspaper or other paper.

Used oil soak in paper or cloth
Clothes and other cloth products

※For used clothes, collection boxes have been set up at regional centers to collect bases. For more information, look here.

Sanitary products such as disposable diapers

flush the waste into the toilet

Wood and bamboo cut Fold it within 1m so that it does not exceed about 40cm in diameter
Plastic products other than containers and packaging Containers and packaging that are discarded as soon as the contents are used are sent to "plastic containers and packaging".
rubber and leather products

Remove the metal part

Rubber products include synthetic rubber products (such as silicone and urethane).

Used paper

Please tie it with a string for each type.
Items Remarks
Newspapers and Flyers tie it with a string
Books, magazines, paper packs, miscellaneous goods (paper boxes, paper bags, wrapping paper, etc.) ・"Zatsugami *" such as paper, paper boxes, paper bags, and wrapping paper with business card size or larger are sandwiched between books and magazines.
※From May 2018, you can put it in a paper bag and tie it with a string or put it in a colorless and transparent bag.
・Photos, carbon paper, receipts, etc. to "burnable garbage"
・Open the paper pack, wash the inside and dry it.
corrugated cardboard tie it with a string
※Please see here for details on how to put out used paper.

Non-burnable garbage

Please put it in the designated garbage bag "non-burnable garbage" (blue).
Items Remarks
spray cans and cassette cylinders

Be sure to use the contents to the end.
※Spray cans, cassette cylinders, and lighters with the contents remaining can cause a garbage truck fire! Click here for the correct processing method

Knife such as razor and needle Wrap it in newspaper or the like and write a note on the garbage bag "Danger of knife" and "Danger of cracking".
Ceramics and glass (other than bottles)
broken fluorescent tubes
Small household appliances

vacuum cleaners, toasters, video decks, rice cookers (inner kettles are resource garbage), electric fans (70 cm or less), irons, printers, etc.

Items that are not in designated garbage bags should be oversized garbage

※For small home appliances, collection boxes have been set up at regional centers to collect bases. For more information, look here.


Pots, kettles, kettles and frying pans go to resource garbage
Medical waste associated with home medical care I can't give you sharp things like injection needles.
Other Umbrellas, bulbs, LED bulbs, aluminum foil, etc.

Plastic containers and packaging

Please put it in the designated garbage bag "Plastic containers and packaging" (yellow).
※Plastic containers and packaging are plastic containers and packaging that are discarded as soon as the product inside is used, and are subject to recycling. Plastic products that do not fall under this category should be put out as "burnable garbage" (use of waste heat).
※In accordance with the law, a system has been established in which manufacturers and others bear the cost of "plastic containers and packaging" to properly recycle them. However, there is no legal recycling system for plastic products other than containers and packaging.

The mark for plastic containers and packaging is a plastic mark.  
Items Remarks
Confectionery bag
  • "Storage cases" and "Costume cases" made of plastic are turned into "burnable garbage" in red bags.
  • Dirty items should be lightly washed with water or wiped off (those that do not remove dirt should be burnable).
  • Don't double the bag
    →Do not put anything in shopping bags, etc., and separate them into garbage bags.
    ※Since plastic containers and packaging are checked by hand to see if there is any foreign matter, it is time-consuming to close the bag if the bag is doubled.
  • After removing the nozzle of the shampoo and the lid of the detergent bottle, put it together with the main body into plastic containers and packaging.
Food trays and egg packs

plastic bag

Containers for pudding and jelly

buffer material


Shampoo and detergent bottle

PET bottle labels and lids

Do not mix dangerous foreign matter with plastic containers and packaging-Request for prevention of contraindicated products-

Does the plastic containers and packaging you put out contain batteries, lighters, razors, injection needles, etc.?

Let's make sure! How to separate and put out "plastic products" and "plastic containers and packaging"

Plastic garbage includes "plastic products" that use the product itself, such as costume cases, buckets, and toothbrushes, and items that contain products (bags and containers) and products, such as shampoo bottles and shopping bags. There are "plastic containers and packaging" that are no longer needed after consumption.

In Nagasaki City, plastic products are put out as "burnable garbage" in designated red bags, and after collection, the heat generated by incineration is used for power generation.
On the other hand, plastic containers and packaging are to be recycled by businesses that manufacture and sell “containers” and “packaging”, and in order to make effective use of resources, etc. Please separate them as "plastic containers and packaging" and recycle them, so please understand and cooperate.

Recyclable garbage

Please put it in the "resources garbage" (green) of the designated garbage bag. 
Items Remarks
empty can
  • The contents are empty, and the dirty ones are lightly rinsed.
  • Remove plastic lids and labels to plastic containers and packaging, and remove metal lids from the main unit to recycle resources.
  • PET bottles that are cut or processed cannot be recycled, so they can be burnable.
empty bottle
PET bottle
Metal pans, kettles, kettles, frying pans

Fluorescent tubes (light bulb-type fluorescent tubes)

We collect on "non-burnable garbage" day.
  • Put it in the paper wrapper when you bought it and put it in the fluorescent tube at the garbage station (if there is no fluorescent tube, go to the battery close)
  • The broken fluorescent lamp is wrapped in newspaper or the like to non-burnable garbage.
  • Incandescent bulbs, LED bulbs, and LED fluorescent lamps are used as non-burnable garbage

cylindrical batteries and button batteries

It can be discharged at any time in the battery storage installed at the garbage station.
  • Insulate button batteries with cellophane tape.
  • Rechargeable batteries cannot be collected in the city. Please consult your local recycling shop.
    ※You can search for "recycling cooperating stores" of small rechargeable batteries from the website of JBRC (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window).

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