Case of hotel cure

Notification of the facility to stay

CallMedical Question
Notification Of The Facility To Stay From The Public Health Center

Preparation for moving

Make preparation for moving to hotel.
Cash, mobile phone & the charger, ID card, clothes, sleeping clothes, underwear, surgical mask, towels, toiletries, laundry detergent, items you need to enjoy your indoor life (e.g.: games, books, sweets, music CD & etc.)

Pick up at home

Use a private car when possible

Check in

Use a private car when possible

After 10 days from the start of symptoms and 72 hours from relief


Happy Mexican BoyHome
Return home by public transport
This text was developed by NPO Treasure of The Planet, based on the original multi-lingual flow-chart created by MINNA, Migrants' Neighbor Network & Action.
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